Investing in metal

When you look to invest, the traditional notion is to buy stocks of companies that have a safe future with potential for growth. Few investors think of metals (like gold and silver) as viable options. And yet, there lies an opportunity to reap rich rewards with precious metals.

The portfolio of any savvy investor will reveal a metal option as well. This proves that with the required research and insight, gold, silver, and platinum can be safe and high-yielding investments. Metals are a good option to diversify an investment portfolio if you know your goals and the risks attached to them.

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As gold and silver hit new highs in mid-March 2008, investors clamored to throw their money into precious metals, seeking golden opportunities to come. But, in classic contrarian fashion, gold and silver peaked, shaving percentages off recent highs by March 19.

Just a few days before, on March 14, Robert Prechter told subscribers to his Elliott Wave Theorist that gold and silver were primed to turn, and it was time to find safety elsewhere. Just one trading day later, metals entered a protracted and “unexpected” downturn.

On March 19, Bloomberg called on Prechter to explain the situation and how it fits into the big picture of the debt crisis.

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