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Here are two, clear-headed articulate guys who get it. Martenson is very eloquent and both of them clearly understand that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet. Return to a gold standard is an essential step in unwinding all of the generations of big and not so obvious lies and deceptions which trap human thinking and render “solutions” impossible. I would make this tape a basic primer for anyone just waking up.

Gold standard

When gold was the accepted mode of currency, the gold standard was the standard form of economic unit. Much like the dollar or euro and the other forms of currencies that we have today.

There were three variants to the gold standard. One involved the value of circulating coins and was called the gold specie. The second involved the sale of gold bullion for a fixed number of coins. The third variant was the gold exchange standard, for which one government had a fixed exchange rate to the currency of another country. The gold standard system was abandoned as a monetary standard in the 20th century.